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From the very beginning of its activity, our designers, engineers and craftsmen dedicate their efforts to the technical and stylistic finesse of our stairs. Our customers may count on our openness, experience and competence to help realize their visions, as well as our advisory on the selection from a wide range of existing models. Our technical knowledge and a precise thorough analysis of customer needs allows us to provide customized solutions capable of adapting to your space, giving you a wider spectrum of choice in arranging the rooms.


Many years of experience have confirmed the beliefs that we had when we took our first steps on the market: the quality of project implementation reflects the quality of the entire company. Handicrafts require strong commitment from the people who love their work, top-quality materials, respect for nature, which is the most important construction material. That is why, we attach great importance to employment standards, choose organic materials, while developing new design and construction concepts. In order to achieve that, we work in partnership with our customers. In the end, how else can we fulfill your dreams?







Andrzej Panas
Design Engineer


I am an engineer, for me the beauty of a design rests in stylistic and technological solutions. Ever since I have graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Technical University of Wroclaw, and I established the company with my brother, I make sure that my designs fit the available space, with no visible fixture or support points.





My stamp and signature is to guarantee my personal responsibility for the safety of my designs. In 2013 my efforts were noticed and appreciated by the Department of Building Materials, Timber Structures and Historical Constructions at the Technical University of Wroclaw, where I was invited to give lectures on using glulam indoors. My approach in company management, is the same as for my designs – I work with precision and passion.





Thanks to our experience we know that customer’s vision is the most important thing in this process. By improving our model of cooperation over the years, we wanted to create long-lasting, cooperative customer relationships and order during the entire process. Please take the time to read our order execution policy. see more  more arrow


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Artistic Handicraft, as opposed to mass production, is characterized by a unique approach to the materials and the work itself, from a simple wooden plank to shiny stairs and floors in your own home. It is the careful selection of the construction materials, well-organized studio as well as qualified specialists that guarantee a high quality of services, because our projects are a combination of innovative technologies and unique manual work. This is how we create your stairs. see more  more arrow


20 lat w pracowni


Marek Panas
Production Engineer
Inspection and monitoring


I have spent all my professional life working with wood. It is a fascinating material, which can be explored for many years. In return I get to discover better shapes and noble profiles, so our projects can be bolder - this means that more of your dreams may come true. This way, my practical experience completes my brother’s theoretical education. As a Wood Technology Technician I am responsible for direct control over the entire project. I’m there to help at every single stage of project, from delivering the desired materials, to completing the installation. I’ve been developing and sharing my knowledge for the last 20 years, just to built a team of professionals, that I am really proud of.


pracownia Marek Panas







We are a laureate of the Polish Promotional Emblem Foundation "Teraz Polska” in 2007 for “Best Products and Services”. It is a great honor for us, to be among the best Polish entrepreneurs. The award is a proof of high standards and a guarantee of a high level of service for our customers.




Golden Building Pillar



Building Fairs in Bielsko-Biala mean a long tradition, a modern exhibition building, and most of all it is a great opportunity to meet customers from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria. We are proud to announce that in 2012, our company was awarded with Golden Building Pillar for “Construction products” for the carpet stairs.




Gliwice Construction Fair Award



Gliwice Construction Fair has been held since 2000. Every year, 140 exhibitors get the chance to present their solutions to 8 thousand people. In 2012, we were honored with the Main Award for "Quality and Innovation".







The TARBUD International Building Trade Exhibition, held annually in the Centennial Hall in Wroclaw gathers hundreds of manufacturers and suppliers of construction materials and services, investment project contractors and institutions financing construction investments. In such good and diverse company, we felt really proud that we took the third place in the competition for the most interesting stand arrangement at the Exhibition in 2013.

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